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Hell people. it's fricking 2016. hahahahaha wow. tbh i have no words in my mind. so yeah besically i just word vomit  here. UPDATE i will have mid term exam this may. struggling nak restudy for form 4 chapter. lately i not really active with social media etc but troye doin good. i keep losing my internet friends hahaha obviously because i didnt put much effort on it RIP hahaha maybe after spm hilang semua kawan irl. noob. huhu. that's all for now. below just my last month's(?) picture that i took it 

i curious cerita ni abt what okay. but still tak start baca also it's on sale 

try to make rainbow ~

-quote that u can get on internet-

another quote


i feeling tumblr-trassh at this momment
Okay bye. have fun. have a nice day. follow me on tumblr - fanta-soggy also twitter. and i change my ask.fm - xadila

p.s- title somebody else because the 1975 is hella good

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