Lagu Raya
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Hey guys <33
Happy eid mubarak I wish u guys. hope u guys celebrate happily hokays. kalau tak happy meh kita melompat terkejut dek kerana bunyi mercun yg melampau had Hz.

and btw I alrdy change my ulr. Like YAZZZZ 

Dah, tak nak cakap banyak pun post ni. just nak share this fav song of mine. kinda old school but i really enjoy it. kang lepas syawal kau masih nyanyi lagu hari raya tidakkan itu sungguh lame. hew ( eventho is sang it like everyday since first of January lews)
so it called 'come on eileen'. the lyric is kinda fast and i cannot catch up it and need to read it instead. but worth it.
sorry kalau lagu ni sooo nooot  yooour taste hew. but nak share je punnns. 

p.s; i got this from a movie. if u know it comment it below <33 
       cuz u swag and we kewl hew
     + is my ulr okay bruh ?? hm

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