Awak suka apa ? ihik
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Hai ualls ~ uhuk uhuk. Lamanya tak update. uhuk. saya sakit. uhuk

Hahaha ok ignore atas tu. nak menggedik tapi tak menjadi.

So basically, i feel like I NEED to UPDATE my blog, for no specific reason. huh. So I decided to make something like F.A.Q. yeheeeet. idk why  but i feel like i wanna share my interest to all beloved people, like YOU  *bunyi cengkerik*

Pwedi na ?

1. You known as ? ( among your friends)
A-di-la. Adila.

2. Favourite band?
The Vamps. But i only love their song, well i do love their member but I still didnt know all the member name. i only know cornor, which is the new member. so i still not a vampite ( is this their fandom name? sorry i dunt remember ) yet

3. Favourite singer?
Yuna & Aizat. i didnt decide who is my fav singer for eng, since i only like certain of their music but not singer. oh yeah, i used to like Hannah Montana.

4. Favourite song?
For now; Somebody To You by The Vamps.

5. Favourite books?
All books by Nadia Khan. seriously, u need to read it ! others; Awan, Murtad, and Trilogy; Bisik. I rarely read english book. idk why, everytime i read harry potter, my eyes just cannot ( u can suggest me some eng book which is good, at the comment; hm )

6. Bestfriend?
of course lah ada. they are infinity. gituw

7. Favourite movies?
Okay, this gonna be long. Big Hero 6, Maleficent, Insurgent, Frozen, Finding Nemo, Harry Potter (movies hmm), The Croods, Toy Story (all series), some of barbie movies which i dont remember the title,, and  whatever animation movie as long as it have good moral values.

8. Favourite drama?
Pinochio (korea), I hear your voice (also from korea) cannot deny that korea's produce good drama

9. Favourite show?
Hot in cleverland. Pa pa pa pa *hot in cleverand backgrund music* Exo Showtime :'''-)

10. Favourite disney princess?
Elsa. Let it go, let it go

11. Describe yourself. short as u can
Well i'm 16 this year. my birthday is 24th February, dah lepas dah. Sekolah biasa je, nak mintak hogwart tapi tak wujud. Mungkin. I take Science Stream, got Biology, uhuk. Nak jadi pen'travel', jalan sana jalan sini, balik malaysia, cite apa yang depa ada and malaysia tak ada. gitu. But i dunt want travel only rich country ; USA, German etc. well i would love to, but give a chance-lah to other country ok. sampai bila nak maju kalau nak tengok yang hebat je, u know rite. kalau tak faham ignore jelah.

12. Motivation to yourself
u takkan rasa berjaya kalau tak pernah jatuh. okbye


Blogger Adilla Hasya said on 5 June 2015 at 13:40 

some good english books ; the fault in our stars by john green, paper towns by john green, basically all of his books are fun to read. em also lone wolf by jodi picoult (entah ejaan dia)

ahahaha same hot in cleveland *shy shy* and exxo showtime. do you watch exo next door? just asking :) hehe

Blogger Adila said on 9 June 2015 at 00:37 

@AdillaHasya Thanks for your suggestion :*

ok then, i'l' try to read it ihik. since my sister already got papertown :}
but i alrdy watch TFIOS haha

well, i do watch exo Next door. but stil didnt finish it yet. yaaah i know, pendek je cite tu. but my friend alrdy told me the ending and tbh it's to cliche for me. but, hey, i would like to see how gwangsoo & sehun relationship end hehe,

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