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lol, my feelng rite now


PT3 just around the corner esok. Hahahahhhaha, 3 years study dekat sekolah yang serba 'okay', with tandas yang 'harum' sentiasa, 'disiplin' di mana mana; 😝

wish me luck wih this exam, sobs. Maaf kalau ter'ignore' siapa siapa, ter'sombong' or what ever, MAAF. to yg mintak tolong bu i cant, sorry. Saya tak pandai ajar orang 

Luhan already out from exo, OT10 just in  year. but i will still support Luhan so do Yifan. hope u guys can be happy with your life now
and me to /cough

it already october bruh, i met quiet a lot ppl, new classmates, tuition, preng, techers etc. and i will be 16 just about 4 month to go bruh. Adila dah besar, ngeeeeee ☺
blogskins also jangan dilupa

wish me luck for tmrw,ghheeeeeee,  BM / Math ☺☺


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