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heyyo guys !
wow long time no see hahaha cliche intro
to be honest i dont know what to write here; typical Adila ~
so I will just updated my life eventho no one care but naaah...

  • So school is done and im doin nothing just stay at home
    I still didnt get my textbooks smh. what s wrong with my school. they want us to come again at the end of december smh again
    Gonna go through spm next year.. uhuk im scared really
    Result exam just got me like... ewwww what did I do for 11 months. but naaah
    Im now more on tumblr than I used to. And it is my kind of motivation hew
    Im obsess with youtubers; Connor; Troye; Lily-iiSuperwomanii; Tyler; Chris Of lying; more; I Love Them; They make me happy when no one else...
    I hate bio and i planned to drop it next year omg... pray 4 my future but idk
    spm spm spm
    what else....
    Troye Sivan is f*ckin good. Listen to it. Someone give me money to buy his new album

That s all i hope this enough ergh whatever 
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twitter/tublr-deerjongdae ;;; insta- @ia.lemon
bye have a great day everyone 

PS; my keyboard is problem@rosak@sakai@hentahla nak;; so  takleh letak koma and else ergh

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Hello ppl
hey there! i could just shut this blog down but it kind of have special place in my heart(?) how don't ask.



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