So, how's your life
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Basically, i didn write an entry like for yearss huh.So... 

Well since also be liked, well u know what,, if u used to stalk it since 2012. Most of the senpai were 18+ now  and im sure they busy with college life duuh.

So does with me *monkey blushed emoji*

After PT3 well im not in a really depressed mood. More to yolo-ing while waited for the schools session starts.
I spend my time with reading novels uuuuhh.....~ i read bukufixi and literally it ruined my life.

So i didnt spend my time with gadgets unless for watched movie. I used to be like that until I get a smart phone *monkey blushed emoji again*

School started and Im form4 now. So the school gave me sn streams as my course to score spm. well it not my choice but since my result didnt give me any choices to go to the other schools, so i shud jst stay huh

I m not sure if can I score spm with flying colours and get a better life. well wallahualam. So lemme tell u what im gonna be when i grow up. U guys probably  the first person who know bout this... so appreciate pliss hew hew
well i would love to be the first person who discover unicorn. And if I cannot archive it, being computer programmers also can meh. I also would like to be graphic designer but sadly i didnt creative duuh, even my handwriting is sucks. Still reading? well i LOVE watching pixar yet Disney movie. so i have a dream to work's with them. Just imagine to participate in the story also could make me smile. I know it sound like kiddo and not mature but for what doing something that you hate and not sincere by doing it. But if you want to know my occupation that sounds more relevant is being a veterinarian. well first at all  numbers of veterinar  is not much at Malaysia of coz. And i think  work with animals is much better. and also i wnt to take care of them be4 all of them will extinct because human heart got no jams :((
okay enough for it

My exam results is not bad yet not good. well i didnt have enough energy to answer it dunt ask why. probably insomnia or i hate science uuppppsss.

Lastly, sorry if u read it till the end or bad eng sebab ai rasa macam nak speaking and i dunt feel bumiputera cuz BM hmm

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