sepatah dua kata
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I dont have anything to update but asal tengok blog post sama je.  so I will give sepatah dua kata bout something even you dont care.

1) Haze
I kennot. Balik sekolah je pening sikit. lagi lagi kalau terjemur dekat panas. Rasa macam nak lari pergi Mc'D. Starving Mc'cafe :3

2) School

3) Blogskins
Coming soon. I will do fast as I can :)

4) PBS thingy
Teacher etc keep telling us ohh we're unlucky to born in that year {1999} and I just like, yaaaaah . Also, tak pasti entah bila exam etc

5) MH370
Mainstream, some people will laugh when ppl talk bout it. Even bila cikgu cakap pasal benda ni ada yang  gelak, not funny dude. Jangan main-main dengan nyawa orang. stop spreading rumors and make stupid people famous ( I think u know who that stupid people )

6) Cuti
Cuti, Cant wait. yehet yehet

7) Exo
new comebackkk ~ yehet. they said it bad boy concept. pliss change it....

Sekian sepatah dua kata saya :)

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