Long time no see Meh
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Sehun yehet style is killing me

Assalamualaikum, punyalah pemalas nak update blog... so, here I am.Since I'm very busy with school, tuition, tv etc- So donno nak tulis apa. And now also Still wondering what shud I write

Sekolah ??
Sigh, Idek nak cakap apa, since batch 99 ni problem betul. sekejap PBS, PBSMR, PPMR and dengar kata nak ditangguhkan pula. sigh.. but PBS still berjalan. Sighhhh
Koko lagi. sigh

Tuition - agak penat and malas nak buat HW habis tuition. //crying

Exo -
Another things that ruin my life and make me happy. Exo showtime dah habis :cry:
Exo makin comel dan tunjuk belang(bakat) :@
Ruin my life forever :''(
Terlalu mainstream. I dont really like this act. banyak pesaing, kawalan bodyguard//menager makin ketat and ticket pon makin mahal (Even tak kan boleh beli tiket) ~X(

yixing, i feel you

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Hello ppl
hey there! i could just shut this blog down but it kind of have special place in my heart(?) how don't ask.



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